Decoding the art of picking the right mutual fund with Mr Kalpen Parekh


According to Warren Buffett, Investing in an Index Fund is a smart investment choice as it gives good returns without even worrying much about tracking the market. But is this scenario applicable to the Indian stock market too? Find out in this course through an industry expert- the Managing Director & CEO of DSP Mutual Fund, Mr Kalpen Parekh.

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Course Outline

What you will learn?

  •  A sneak peak to current market scenario
  • Which mutual fund category is best for new investors?
  • What are your views on Index funds?
  • What should one choose, SIP or Lumpsum Investment?
  • What is an Ideal Asset Allocation
  • Should you consider investing in Debt Mutual Funds?
  • What parameters should we consider before investing in Mutual Funds?

About Course

Here’s a course that takes you into the vast domain of investment avenues such as Index Fund and Mutual Fund.

The Index Fund is a type of mutual fund that aims to replicate the performance of a specific stock market index, such as the S&P 500 in the United States. It does this by investing in the same stocks that make up the index in the same proportions. The goal is to match the returns of the index rather than trying to outperform it.

Now, Index Funds are a suitable investment avenue in the US due to a lack of “market beating” businesses. As a result, Investors end up paying the higher expenses for a direct mutual fund for the lower returns of Index Funds.

However, it’s a no brainer that the Indian Economy is no where at par with that of the US. While Index Funds do very well in the fully developed and thriving US economy, its strategies cannot be applied in India. So, as a growing economy, how should Indians determine whether to invest in:

  • Mutual Funds,
  • Index Funds, or 
  • in a combination of both?

Only one way to find out the option that matches your temperament- expert guidance from our newest mentor- Mr Kalpen Parekh!

About the Expert
Kalpen Parekh, the Managing Director & CEO of DSP Mutual Fund, is an expert in the field. He has a keen interest in behavioural finance and understands the importance of investor behaviour in achieving a positive investment experience.

Through his fantastic insights in this interview, you can gain valuable advice on choosing the right mutual fund that aligns with your risk capacity and investing capabilities. This will help you make informed decisions about your investments and enhance your investment experience.

What you will get?





Course Syllabus

  • Selecting the Perfect Mutual Fund


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There are no prerequisites for the course. However, it would be helpful if you first go through "Complete Guide on Mutual Funds" as it would help you understand basics knowledge of Pharma Industry. 

Quick, quicker, quickest! This course falls under the sprint category and can be completed in 50 min duration.

In this course, you will understand how to pick the right mutual fund according to your risk tolerance. You will learn how to properly allocate assets to maximise yoru returns. 

No, you do not need to install any specific software for this course. However, it is advised for a user to have an active Internet connection and an updated web browser for a seamless learning experience.

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