Why should you invest in Stock Market?


Where do you invest your money? Is it a savings account or a fixed deposit? Do you know what inflation is and how it kills your money? If you are really looking for a good return, then you need to consider some other asset classes, and the stock market is one of them. In this course you’ll find how the stock market works and why you should invest in it to have significant returns in the long run.

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Course Outline

What will you learn:

  • How does the stock market work?

  • How can you earn returns in the stock market?.

  • How to start investing in the stock market?

  • What is the process of investing?

  • Can you invest without any commerce knowledge? 

About Course

Have you ever heard that you can double your money by keeping it in a safe, No right? Your money will never double itself by staying in your wallet. However, If you keep it in the savings account, your money will increase but surely not beat the inflation. So, what to do? Where to invest? You can diversify your portfolio by investing in different asset classes, and the stock market can be one of them. Investing in the share market allows you to earn potentially higher returns on your investment. Thus, venturing here gives you a chance to compound your money in the long run and accumulate wealth for various life goals.


This course will help you understand why you should invest in the stock market and what kind of returns you can expect. The stock market not only beats inflation but also helps to grow your wealth in the long run, depending on how you invest. So, don’t believe the myths that go around the stock market. Instead, learn about it, how it works and how it can help you to have a significant corpus in the long run.

What you will get?





Course Syllabus

  • Are saving accounts or FDs enough to beat the inflation?


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Specially tailored for the newbies in the domain, there are no prerequisites for this course.

Quick, quicker, quickest! This course falls under the Sprint category and can be completed in 15 minutes duration.

This course contains the nitty-gritty of investing and stock market and how should you enter this world as a beginner. 

No, you do not need to install any specific software for this course. However, it is advised for a user to have an active Internet connection and an updated web browser for a seamless learning experience. 

This course is absolutely free and you can access the course anytime from Quest website. 

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