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It's a known fact that India holds the title of being the most populated country in the world. However, what's not widely known is that out of the staggering 142 crore population, a mere 3.5 crore actually invest in mutual funds. That’s 97.6% of Indians missing out on systematic investment opportunities! We sincerely hope you’re not a part of this lot. And even if you are, here's a course on Mutual Funds that even kids should get their hands on.

2 Modules

1.5 Hrs.


Course Outline

What you will learn: 

  • Introduction to Mutual Funds, Its Participants & Terminologies

  • Types of Mutual Funds

  • Tax Treatment on Mutual Funds

  • Benefits & Limitations associated to Mutual Funds 

  • Evaluation of Mutual Funds 

  • How to read Offer Documents & Factsheet

About Course

Here’s a course that dissects the most important concepts related to Mutual Funds and makes it so simple that you’d be tempted to invest in one right away. No kidding! 

From the very basics to the most advanced evaluation parameters, skill up to pick the best-performing ones from among 2500+ Mutual Funds. You can even evaluate your existing investments and analyse the potential for yourself. After all, your unique investing style must be at par with your investments, right?  

Talking about the advanced parameters, one of them is the AUM to GDP ratio. You could call it the financial pulse of a country. It measures the total money parked in mutual funds compared to the nation's GDP. 

So, when the AUM to GDP ratio is up, it's not just numbers; it's a thumbs-up for the economy's health and future potential. A higher ratio is a good sign, indicating robust investment inflows. This, in turn, fosters better fund management. But do you know what India’s current AUM to GDP ratio is? It’s a mere 16%, while the global average is 74%! This difference shows a vast potential for India to bridge this gap quickly. 

And you, dear learner, could be a contributor to this growth! Your contribution will not only help India increase its AUM but also provide you with the means to save and invest your money wisely. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity and make a positive impact on the country's economy? 

All you need to do is pick the right Mutual Fund(s) and invest. 🎯 And why wander anywhere else when Quest can equip you with everything you need to know? 

What you will get?





Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Mutual Fund's Core Concept
  • Understanding the different Mutual Fund Categories
  • In-Depth Study on Mutual Fund Tax Implication
  • Assessing Risks in Mutual Fund Investment
  • Evaluation Process of Mutual Funds with Practical Case Study
  • Making Sense of Mutual Fund Documents: Key Analysis


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There are no prerequisites for the course. However, it would be helpful if you first watch ‘Beginners guide to mutual funds' as it would help you understand the basics of mutual funds.

It's slow and it's steady; buckle up, and get ready. This course falls under the Marathon category and can be completed in a duration of 2-3 hrs.

In the course, we have highlighted the importance of investing and have discussed various asset classes in which investors can invest. Further, we have discussed investing in mutual funds, types of mutual funds and how mutual funds work.


This course is a part of the certification “Academy of mutual funds” offered by BSE Institute.However, you would have to complete other courses in certification to obtain the certificate.

No, you do not need to install any specific software for this course. However, it is advised for a user to have an active Internet connection and an updated web browser for a seamless learning experience. 

Finology provides you with an opportunity to access all its tools and courses by subscribing to Finology One. Hence, you can access this course as long as your subscription of Finology One is active.

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