My First Personal Finance Course


Dominate your money matters with a powerful financial IQ.🧠 Learn actionable details, concepts and strategies to strengthen the way you manage your wealth— all of it with Quest's flagship My First Personal Finance Course. 🎯

5 Modules

2 Hrs.


Course Outline

What you will learn: 

  • Creating an effective and achievable financial plan 

  • Figuring out the right insurance for you and your family

  • Investment avenues that safeguard your wealth 

  • Building a strong emergency fund

  • Identifying good vs bad loans

  • Avoiding/escaping a debt trap

  • Understanding different investment avenues

  • Knowing where to invest based on your risk appetite and goals

  • Strategies to create wealth

  • Understanding the right asset allocation for you

  • Creating a retirement corpus of ₹6.75 Cr.

About Course

Do these thoughts keep you up at night?

  • Losing your money to bad investments

  • Getting stuck in a debt trap

  • Failure to achieve your goals

  • Not having enough money for an emergency

Join the league of 3lakh+  learners who'd say, "Not at all!" 🎯

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Crafting Your Financial Blueprint: Create a comprehensive financial roadmap by setting clear goals, evaluating your current situation, and budgeting wisely to fulfil your unique financial needs. 

  • Making The Right Insurance Decisions: Learn to assess your insurance needs based on factors like coverage limits, premiums, and policy terms to provide adequate protection against unexpected events for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Safeguarding Wealth With Investment Avenues: Learn about diverse investment options like stocks, bonds, and real estate to diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk while aiming for long-term growth and wealth preservation.

  • Building A Strong Emergency Fund: Learn how to prioritise saving 3-6  months' worth of expenses in a readily accessible account to overcome unexpected emergencies without depending on debt or depleting your savings/investment.

  • Identifying Good vs Bad Loans: Learn to differentiate between beneficial debt (mortgages or student loans) and detrimental debt (high-interest credit card debt) to align your borrowings with your financial goals and resources.

  • Escaping the Debt Trap: Learn important steps to manage and reduce debt by creating a budget and uncover strategies to avoid or break free from debt cycles.

  • Understanding the right asset allocation for you: Optimise your investment strategy by distributing your assets across different classes based on your risk tolerance and objectives to achieve long-term growth while minimising volatility.

  • Creating a retirement corpus of ₹6.75 Cr.: Create a retirement plan by estimating your future expenses, leveraging retirement accounts, and investing in growth-oriented assets early and consistently for your financial security. 

Additional benefits: 

  • Course Completion Certificate📃

  • Insights from Industry Experts🎓

  • Detailed Downloadable Notes📒

  • Handy Flashcards📇

  • Multiple Assessments⁉️

  • Self-Paced Learning👩‍💻

  • Frequent Addition Of New Modules🆕

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  • Identifying bad stocks

  • Analysing lucrative industries and sectors

  • Using modern methods to value stocks

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In just 90 minutes, this guide can enable you to make the most of your Mutual Funds investments to grow your corpus.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • Comparing and selecting winning mutual funds

  • Identifying the right mutual fund category to invest in

  • Analysing the risks associated with the different categories 

  • Creating a wealth-generating mutual fund portfolio 

  • And more! 

What you will get?





Course Syllabus

  • How Social Media Affects your Personal Finance & Decision Making
  • Everything you should know about Term Insurance
  • Mixing Insurance with Investment: Is it good for your portfolio?
  • Everything you should know about Health Insurance
  • How does Emergency Fund protect your Investment Gains?
  • Everything you should know about Emergency Fund
  • Understanding the Difference Between: Good Loan & Bad Loan
  • Drowning in Debt? Find your Lifeline -
  • Boosting your Creditworthiness: Proven Methods
  • How the Magic of Compounding works in Investing?
  • How to create a Retirement Corpus of ₹6.75 Crores
  • Understanding 3 Primary Asset Classes: Fixed Income Instrument, Equities & Real Estate
  • National Pension System: Its Meaning, Structure & Benefits
  • National Pension System: Its Performance, Withdrawal Conditions & Taxation Policy
  • How Bond Works? - Basics of Bond
  • How to Participate in the Bond Market?
  • Bonds - Its Types, Risk Factors & Taxability


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Specially tailored for the newbies in the domain, there are no prerequisites for this course.

It's slow and it's steady; buckle up, and get ready. This course falls under the Marathon category and can be completed in a duration of 2-3 hrs.


After completing this course, you will understand all the basic terminologies used in personal finance and learn how to save and invest money efficiently. Further, you will also understand the need for insurance and how to reduce debt. This course will end by learning how to plan efficiently on taxes.


Since the content of the course is pretty dynamic, we do not provide any certification for it. Trust us, you will definitely love it either-or. Moreover, we have a few very cool specialized courses that offer you Quest & BSE Institute-affiliated certifications. To know the details, please click here.

No, you do not need to install any specific software for this course. However, it is advised for a user to have an active Internet connection and an updated web browser for a seamless learning experience.

Finology provides you with an opportunity to access all its tools and courses by subscribing to Finology One. Hence, you can access this course as long as your subscription of Finology One is active.

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